About Our Honey

We truly believe honey bees are a miracle of nature.  

Our honey is 100% raw and natural exactly the way the bees make it from hives located in and around the urban and suburban neighborhoods of Nashville.  


Each hive contains 40,000 to 60,000 individual bees all working as one SUPER-ORGANISM. Studies show that urban and suburban honey bees thrive as they are not exposed to commercial agriculture pesticides, herbicides and mono-crops.  







Our honey is made from 100% flower nectar that the bees collect in a 3-5 mile radius of their hive. Collectively the bees will travel up to 50,000 miles and visit more than 2 million flowers to make just one pound (pint) of honey.  That is a 28-79 square mile  radius from the hive!   We do not feed our bees sugar water with the exception of the first 2 weeks a new colony is established.  

This insures you are purchasing REAL honey.

We do not heat-treat our honey. Therefore preserving all of the enzymes, anti-oxidants, amino acids, minerals and pollen that are naturally present in real honey.  

Raw, non heat-treated honey will crystallize.  This is natural and does not affect the quality or taste.  Just soak the jar in warm water to return the honey to its liquid state.

Our honey is small batch artisanal.  



It is harvested and bottled separately from each individual hive, giving it its own unique flavor and qualities based on the flowers the bees are foraging on, and even the soil where the plants grow.

If conditions are perfect, honey can be harvested in late spring and again in fall.







Our honey is lightly strained to remove waxing cappings only, leaving all the pollen.

100% LOCAL 100% PURE   100% RAW   100% HONEY

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